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23. How Your Child Can Thrive In A Corporate Career Through Authentic Connections With TK Morgan

TK Morgan is the founder and visionary of Tuesday at 10:30 - a strategic career and business coaching service. She also has a 9-5 in sales at a large oil and gas company in the US.

In this episode we discuss:

🡢 Why the first 8 years of a young person's career are often the hardest but also the most important.

🡢 The benefits of working in corporate and the opportunities that it presents for young people.

🡢 The incredible work that TK does in her career coaching business, Tuesday at 10:30 (and the story behind the name).

🡢 How her corporate job feeds into the passion for her business (and makes her a better coach).

🡢 How to make the most of university.

🡢 The soft skills such as conflict resolution that many young people today are not developing.

🡢 The importance of building authentic connections with the people who you work with.

🡢 Recommendations for parents on how to support the first 8 years of their child's career.

You can find TK's work by clicking on the following links:

Tuesday at 10:30 Website


Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Stitcher or tune in below.

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