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24. Checking Your Career Biases And The Influence Of Career Exposure With Brad Minton

Brad Minton is the founder of Mint To Be Career, a career coaching company for young people. He is also a Post Secondary Success Navigator for an educational service agency in Michigan as well as the host of Your Career GPS Podcast. This is a podcast to help teens, high school and college students find their way in the world of work. Brad also happens to be a father of 3.

In this episode we discuss:

🡢 How Brad uses his background in mental health and counselling to bring a deeper approach to career coaching.

🡢 How helping a young person to discover their Unique Impact Story can transform the way they make decisions about their future.

🡢 The responsibility of parents to check their career biases.

🡢 How socioeconomic factors affect the exposure a young person has to different careers.

🡢 The change in conversation around a college education.

🡢 The critical (soft) skills that employers are looking for.

You can connect with Brad by clicking the below links:

Mint To Be Career Website


Your Career GPS Podcast

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