30. What Happens When A Child Is Invested In For 15 Years With Scott Gilmour

Scott Gilmour is a businessman on a mission. In 2002 he founded the first I Have A Dream programme outside of the US in New Zealand. The programme aims to create generational change by helping young people to achieve academic and life success.

In this conversation we cover:

→ What lead to Scott bringing the programme to NZ.

→ The important role of the Navigators (role models) in the lives of the Dreamers (young people).

→ The incredible outcomes that I Have A Dream are seeing and some student success stories.

→ The effectiveness of working over the long term (15 years).

→ The role that parents play and the impact that the programme has on the whole community.

→ How we can tackle the systemic challenges facing young people in New Zealand.

To learn more about I Have A Dream visit their website here.

Follow this link to access the equal opportunity video we discuss in the episode.

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